WF Iron

CV. Two Putra Lightning Selling Iron WF In Surabaya, is a type of building material used to build houses, bridges, and other structures. Selling Iron WF In Surabaya, like a standard I-beam, it displays profiles that resemble the letters "I" or "H." The central web connects two parallel end units, known as flanges. While the flanges in the standard beam are relatively narrow, the flanges in the wide beam are much wider, and the length may be the same as the height of the net. This WF iron can be used in various types of building applications. Selling WF Iron In Surabaya where this iron is the standard for making columns in homes and commercial buildings. Iron WF can also be placed parallel to the ground to form the floor and roof. The WF iron also plays an important role in bridge construction, and serves as a structural support for highways and overpasses. Selling WF iron in Surabaya made from steel or aluminum, although wood and composite models are also becoming more common, especially for residential construction.

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