Plat Besi Baja Coil

Steel is an alloy metal, iron metal that functions as a basic element mixed with several other elements, including carbon. Iron can be formed into two crystalline forms, namely the Body Center Cubic (BCC) and Cubic Face Center (FCC), depending on the tempratur when forged. In the BCC shape arrangement, there is an iron atom in the middle of the atomic cube, and the FCC arrangement has iron atoms on each side on the six sides of the atomic cube. Allotropic interactions that occur between ferrous metals and combining elements, such as carbon, which make steel and cast iron have a characteristic that is in themselves.

While the steel plate coil is steel shaped plate with packaging rolled, because of the length and weight the packaging must be rolled.

The elemental content of carbon in steel ranges from 0.2% to 2.1% of the overall weight of the steel according to its grade. The following elements are always present in steel: carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and a small portion of oxygen, nitrogen and aluminum. In addition, there are other elements added to distinguish characteristics between several types of steel including: manganese, nickel, chrome, molybdenum, boron, titanium, vanadium and niobium. [1]

By varying the carbon content and other alloying elements, various types of steel qualities can be obtained. The function of carbon in steel is as a hardening element by preventing the dislocation from shifting to the crystal lattice of the iron-making atom. Without this carbon, the crystal structure of pure iron does not have resistance between atoms and will pass by one another, or become very soft. This carbon steel is known as black steel because it is black, widely used for agricultural equipment such as sickles and hoes.

This steel is divided into several finished products, namely coil steel plate, steel wf baha Hbeam and others, Dua Putra Petir are one of the steel sellers in Surabaya

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