Iron Steel I WF 150x75x5x7 mm 12 m 168 kg Mount Garuda brand SNI

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02 May 2023
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WF Iron

Specification of Iron Steel I WF 150x75x5x7 mm 12 m 168 kg Mount Garuda brand SNI

CV. Dua Putra Lightning Surabaya Sell high quality WF steel. WF steel is a type of building material used to build houses, bridges, and other structures. WF steel can be used in various types of building applications. WF steel can also be placed parallel to the ground to form the floor and roof. WF steel also plays an important role in bridge construction, and serves as a structural support for highways and overpasses. WF steel is traditionally made of steel or aluminum, although wood and composite models are also becoming more common, especially for residential construction.
The main advantage of WF Steel is that it allows builders to distribute loads over large areas. This means it can support a larger or wider structure with a smaller risk of failure. WF steel also weighs less than square blocks of the same size, but can support larger loads, making it more efficient.
WF steel with standardized beam sizes, making it easier for engineers, architects, and builders to coordinate during construction.
We sell WF steel of sizes 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and even 700. This WF Steel product made by Mount Garuda quality WF SNI guaranteed competitive prices, there are also imported from China there are also other brands.
WF steel is usually used for house construction, futsal fields, warehousing and even shipbuilding.
We can also make WF Honey Comb Steel for warehouses or bridges. Our WF Steel shipments have been to all cities in Indonesia.
The price we listed is not the actual WF Steel price. We serve the party and retail purchases. Immediately contact CV. Dua Putra Lightning for requests in other sizes and for the best price.
Bukit Palma Blok C5 No.33 North Citraland
West Surabaya, East Java
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