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Specification of Rebar SNI

Concrete iron is iron which is used for reinforcement in concrete construction or commonly known as reinforced concrete. The concrete steel has a very important role in a construction. Concrete in principle have limited strength to carry the load. Therefore, the reinforcement in the concrete is usually coupled with concrete beso that construction becomes more powerful and can ultimately bear the burden - a burden or a style that worked so well known term reinforced concrete.

The emergence of reinforced concrete terms because it consists of two materials in manufacturing instruments, namely concrete and steel reinforcement. The function of reinforcement in concrete is to withstand forces or tensile stress working on the construction.

Concrete iron consists of two kinds of iron and iron screw with a plain shape. In the form of a plain iron, cross-sectional shape is not finned, lincin surface and round. As for the type of iron screw identical to the shape of an elongated finned a certain pattern. The pattern can vary - a wide, could fit the pattern selection in the manufacturing process.

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