Iron Concrete SNI Plain Uk 6-32 M

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Specification of Iron Concrete SNI Plain Uk 6-32 M

Concrete steel is also known as rebar, an English vocabulary which stands for reinforcement steel bar. Concrete iron is also commonly referred to as steel reinforced concrete (BTB). Material is one of the building blocks of structural concrete, as a concrete reinforcement that provides a tensile force that concrete does not have and is able to withstand compressive forces. Without rebar, concrete can crack easily due to small shocks, for example from passing vehicles.
In general, there are two types of concrete iron, namely plain iron (plain bar) and screw iron (deformed bar). Plain iron has a smooth and protruding surface and a round cross section. Threaded iron, as the name implies, has a surface shape like a fish's fin (twisting) or regular fins like in bamboo, with different patterns depending on the manufacturer.
Threaded iron is commonly used as reinforcing concrete compared to plain iron. Threaded iron is threaded through a roller process on its surface so that it has a better bond between the reinforcement and the concrete. This threaded shape increases adhesion thereby resisting movement of the rod against the concrete. Threaded iron has a compressive resistance of at least 400 Mpa.
Plain iron is used less frequently than threaded iron. Plain iron is more widely used to wrap screw iron which is used as concrete reinforcement which is installed lengthwise. Plain iron has a minimum compressive resistance of 240 Mpa.
Plain iron dominates the demand for concrete iron in the market, with an amount of around 60%. Plain iron can be found in the retail market (retail). Threaded iron is generally marketed by large distributors to contractors, with sales in large volumes. Threaded iron is more expensive than plain iron due to its strength and durability. Threaded iron installation is also more difficult than plain iron because it is difficult to bend.

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