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DPP Fence Pricelist 2016
DPP Fence Pricelist 2016
DPP Fence Pricelist 2016
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BRC fence latest price list 2016- On this occasion we will share information about the latest BRC fence price in 2016. BRC stands for British reinforced concrete. BRC fence is actually made of iron concrete the size of 5 mm to 8 mm. The latest BRC fence price depends on the height of the fence and the size of the panel. This fence panel sizes available include a length of 2.4 m and a height of 0.9 up to 2.4 m in accordance with the order. Finishing fence BRC menggunakaan hot dip galvanized (HDG) or electro plating galvanized (OCP). The goal for BRC fence protected from corrosion due to the weather

BRC Fence only at DPP Fence

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