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Specification of Plat Aluminium Bordes

2MM thick aluminum Bordes plate * 1200 * 2400MM
We are the CV of two sons of lightning, distributors and suppliers of building materials and steel. Here we will review the uses and product specifications of our aluminum borders plate. Currently there are stocks of various sizes that we are currently reviewing, namely 2 MM * 1200 * 2400 thick aluminum bordes plate mm or what is called an aluminum border plate with a size like plywood
This 2MM * 1200 * 2400 mm thick aluminum border plate is usually used for a placemat or base of a pick-up truck or for the interior because it is made of aluminum so it doesn't rust easily and it looks very good and attractive so it is suitable if you use it for the interior your home
In addition to the size of the 2 mm thick aluminum border plate, we also sell various sizes from 0.8 mm to 10 mm, we are ready to serve you with the best price and excellent service CV two sons of lightning are ready to serve delivery to all cities in Indonesia including our city of Ploso ready to help if you do not have expedition acquaintances We will help introduce or support from our Surabaya CV. two sons of lightning have branches in Jakarta or Brebes, Central Java for information about prices and as a product you can contact us at the number listed on the contact page we
CV of two sons of lightning is the best shopping place solution for building materials as well as iron and steel for aluminum plates with a thickness of 2 MM * 1200 * 2400 mm The CV of the two sons of lightning is located at Bukit Palma Blok C 5 Number 33 Citraland Utara West Surabaya
We have supplied or supported a lot of factories or distributors in the regions to develop their sales, we have also worked closely with contractors or state-owned companies so we are very enthusiastic about working with you
In addition to aluminum Bordes plates, we also sell plain aluminum plates of various sizes and thicknesses of 0.5 mm so that the thickness is 10 mm with varying lengths we also sell various kinds of needs for steel and building materials such as WF iron, steel H beam and so on. also a distributor for Semen Gresik Tiga Roda Cement or Holcim cement, we are also a factory for making BRC fences or making Wermes iron. Later we will review more about the aspects of the products we mentioned earlier, don't hesitate to contact us, always CV two sons of lightning where iron and steel shopping most complete cheapest in Surabaya, East Java, ready to send to all cities in Indonesia with the best and excellent service, don't hesitate, we are just the only place to shop to work together forever and the best service
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