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rope strapping banda
rope strapping banda
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Daiwa band Strapping rope, strapping band surabaya, strapping band rope, rope strapping. Plastic rope, strapping band cheap. carton rope, rope keranjang.Strapping Band Daiwa brands or plastic straps We are very strong, not easily broken and very nice supple used for various packing with very kompetitif.strapping band is widely used for packing goods. as coconut fiber ropes, cords pallets, rope kardus.tersedia several kinds of colors and sizes among others: 1. Size 7mm @ 9, 10kg 2. Size 9mm @ 7, 8, 10kg 3. Size 12mm @ 7, 8, 10kg 4 . Size 15mm @ 7, 8, 10kg 5. Size 15, 5mm @ 7, 8, 10kg 6, Size 16mm @ 7, 8, 10kg Color: yellow, red, blue, black, green, white. Unit price: Roll

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