CV. Dua Putra Lightning Your online shop for Wiremesh in Surabaya. CV. Dua Putra Lightning is a Company that Sells Wiremesh in Surabaya. Serving the Surabaya area market and throughout Indonesia in general, supported by leading industry brands. Shop online and have a choice of delivery or pickup from our national branch network. Buy with confidence, knowing that almost everything you find on this site is locally made and of high quality, meeting all relevant Standards. Selling Wiremesh in Surabaya is available in various styles and sizes and you will find a large selection of wiremesh sheets which are perforated, expanded and together with boards and grids. This product flexibility means that the list of applications is unlimited. Security, safety, decoration, louvers, gates, baskets, protectors, filters, screens, interior and floor designs are very common uses. Selling Wiremesh in Surabaya which is a product for modular solutions that is fast and easy for fences, barriers, and handles.

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